Life Illustrated: Daily Thoughts For Your Daily WalkLife Illustrated

A devotional book that will bless individuals and families pursuing a closer walk with God. It is a collection of stories, illustrations and real life experiences that help explain the Word of God and make it applicable for everyday life. This book will serve as a daily reminder of God’s love, faithfulness, and grace.

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Dialogue With My Daughters

Many young women in our country today are growing up without a father or father-figure in their lives. Some women have had fathers around but their daddies never had heart-to-heart talks with them. Some women remember things their fathers shared with them, and would like to hear those things again. Whatever your age or situation as a woman, this book is for you! (It can also help fathers learn how to have those all-important conversations with their own daughters.)

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Making A Comeback:Reclaiming our Lives in Christ

Many of us have sat passively and watched as the enemy of our souls has come, like a thief, stealing away our joy, killing our bodies, and destroying our families. We have lost the abundance in our lives that Christ died to give us. We allowed it to be taken from us while we watched apathetically, as though we were only spectators of our own lives--not followers of a risen, active, triumphant Christ.


The time for sitting and bemoaning our lot in life is over. God has empowered us to relcaim what we've lost. We can get our lives back! Get our health back! Get our minds back! Get our families back! Get our joy back! We do not have to wallow in defeat. We can make a comeback!

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The Song of Solomon: Love, Sex & Relationships


From an ancient love story, we find a message of honesty, hope, and healing for relationships today. In this unique treatment of the Song of Solomon, Pastor Johnson unearths the mysteries of love, sex and marriage as the Creator intended them to be understood and enjoyed.

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The Song of Solomon:Study Guide


The book The Song of Solomon, Love, Sex and Relationships brings that Bible story to life and shows us God's message is still relevant for today. Used alongside the book, the thought-provoking questions in this study guide will help you get to know yourself better, communicate with others, and apply truths to guide you in living life more fully. Great for individuals, couples or group study!

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Dialogue with Single Parents


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Dialogue with My Sons

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